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Session 1: Hell Breaks Loose

The year 1979. The Cast, Mongo World War I vet and now ex-circus strong man, Percival white collar criminal and now ex-circus jack-of-all-trades, and Cooter the diminutive ex-circus freak and acrobat. The place Dubberly Louisiana population 299.

The story starts in the Gas de Marais Filling Station & Eatery where the trio are sitting down to a nice meal that they in no way can afford but as they fully intend to dine-and-dash they aren’t too worried about it. They initially stopped in here to avoid the worst of the thunderstorm raging outside, but soon gave in to their appetites. Just as they were discussing the details of the dine-and-dash for the benefit of Mongo the local sheriff keels over at the counter having a seizure brought on in no way by the delicious pecan pie and ice cream he was enjoying. The waitress, cook, and other patrons rush to aid the poor man, and while this is going on Percival makes like a tree and leaves for the truck outside, nearly being knocked over by the wind and rain. While Percival is readying the getaway vehicle Cooter sneaks over behind the counter and swipes the poor waitresses tip jar to help fund further travels. Realizing that he might well be blown away by the wind considering what happened to Percival, Cooter searches out Mongo who had managed to get himself locked in the walk-in freezer in his search for ice-cream. Mongo once released from the confines of the walk-in allows himself to be led to the doors of the Eatery.

As the duo prepare to exit and head for the car an ear piercing wail can be hear, “He’s deeeeaaaad!!!” Mongo turns to look drawing the unhappy attention of the locals, but before anyone can even say anything another scream can be heard, this time one of pain, “He bit me!” Mongo leaps into action bulling through the crowd of locals to help the injured lady. As Mongo does this more screams of pain can be heard from more locals. Mongo reaches the sheriff, who unbeknownst to him has reanimated as a zombie, and is immediately grabbed. Cooter who had moved behind the counter during the renewed confusion and emptied the till sees Mongo’s predicament and climbs up on and leaps off of the counter, knife in hand in an attempt to help out his friend, but fails miserably and merely sailed through the air to face-plant on the floor. Seeing everything and loosing his cool after getting into an argument with his imaginary rabbit Percival slams his foot to the floor, swings the truck around, and slams the rear of it through the Eatery’s double doors knocking everyone down except for Mongo and the sheriff hanging on his arm. Seeing this and completely loosing his temper Percival leans out of the truck, pulls out his derringer, and shoots the sheriff right in the brain. Now completely furious Percival orders Mongo and Cooter to silence the witnesses. Mongo goes from person to person slitting their throats while Cooter searches the rest of the place. After Cooter silences a young women in the Ladies Room, and the trio hop into the truck and hit the road.

Unfortunately for the trio Percival’s driving skills appear to be no match for the torrential rain and winds that are buffeting them and the truck hydroplanes something fierce slamming into post boxes and poles. The trio decides to stop at Fry’s Hardware on the way out of town wash up and steal some new clothes before continuing on out of town. They pick the lock on the door and enter the storefront. Percival immediately finds some clothes for Mongo and Cooter and orders them to find the restroom and clean themselves up while he cleans out anything of value. Cooter cleans up first and changes into some children’s clothes then goes exploring while Mongo takes his turn cleaning up and changing. While Cooter is exploring the back workroom of the shop he fails to notice the store owner sneaking down the stairs bow in hand. After observing for a few moments Fry shoots Cooter in the back. Mongo hears Cooter cry out and rushes to his friends aid slam-tackling Fry and nearly beating him to death before Percival can get there. Percival interrogates the poor man and forces him to reveal that his wife is upstairs. Percival coerces Fry’s wife into coming down with a first aid kit and treat Cooter’s wound. Cooter being a tough individual manages quite nicely after being doctored. Percival tasks Mongo with tying up the couple and declares that they are going to take them hostage to extort money from their family after they flee to Mexico.

Percival decides that changing vehicles might be a good thing and so the group decides to head across the street to the used car lot to steal some new wheels. While walking outside to load up the couple in the bed of the truck the group hears faint screams coming from the library, “Help!! Help!! He’s killing me!” They choose to ignore this plea for assistance and drive on over to the used car lot. Cooter opts to stay in the car with his trusty sawed-off shotgun keeping look-out and watching over the couple. Mongo and Percival pick the door lock and enter the building making for the sale floor. They locate a box van that would suit their needs and Percival sets about hot-wiring it. While he’s doing that Mongo is attacked from behind by three people moaning and acting oddly. Mongo throws one in front of the van startling Percival into running the man down and crashing it into wall totaling it. Mongo throws the other two to the ground, pulls his trusty service knife, and stabs one through the heart. The wound gushes and insane amount of blood far more than should be contained in a human body. Hearing the crash Cooter runs inside taking the truck keys and his shotgun. Coming upon the scene crashed van, Mongo stabbing a guy through the heart covered in blood, and another guy moaning and sitting up, Cooter shoots the last guy ending him. Having totaled the van Percival sends Mongo to check on the couple in the truck and has to return with the news that the couple managed to get free from his knot work and trash the cars wiring harness. Fuming and rattled from the crash Percival contemplates hunting the couple down and killing them, but instead has Cooter search for the keys to one of the other four door cars. During his search Cooter locates a loaded pump-action shotgun and the key box. After breaking into the key box and loading up the new car the trio decides to fuel up and head south. Mongo opts to drive as Cooter is too short to touch the pedals and Percival is to shook up and drunk to drive.

Back at the Eatery Mongo opts to fill up the car while Cooter and Percival decide to rifle through all of the corpses pockets. As the duo enters and begins to reach for their victims their victims reach for them. Percival narrowly dodges a bite to his hand, freaks out completely, and abandons Cooter jumping into the car. Cooter utilizing his agility and acrobatics to his fullest dodges, flips and jumps around the newly risen dead, and flees right behind Percival. Both scream at Mongo that they have to GO! and GO! NOW! Mongo hops into the car, slams the pedal to the medal, and tears off heading south swerving all over the road due to the panic and the weather. What the trio didn’t realize was that Mongo left the fuel hose in the car. As the trio dives south Mongo looses control just short of leaving town, narrowly avoiding the washed out road at the town perimeter. As the car shuts down an explosion can be heard in the direction of the gas station.

The trio completely freaking out decides to just go to the police station and make up a story to try and get help as they are freaking the hell out due to the people in this town acting all weird and moving when they should be dead. Percival and co. make a run for the police station. Percival gets there first, rushes in and starts spewing his made up story, once finished he looks up and realizes that the station is deserted. The group realizes that little bit of law enforcement the town has went to deal with the gas station explosion. Knowing for a fact that the Sheriff is not going to be here the trio decides to break into his office and search it for anything that may be of use as most of their possessions are in their wrecked car. The group locates a police report that says the department brought in a vagrant a couple days ago that bit the sheriff and a couple deputies. They also find a gun safe and a locked desk. They break into both and discover a half drank bottle of whiskey, promptly taken by Percival and immediately drank, two shotguns with a few shells and an assault rilfe with a partial magazine.

Deciding that they’ve had enough the group agrees to just steal a car and flee to the north. They book it to the library parking lot and steal a Pinto tear off to the north. Unfortunately for them the road to the north is washed out as well much. They decide to just wait out the storm and leave as soon as the road is clear. Mongo and Cooter decide to break into and stay in the Kwik-E-Mart to stay not liking the cramped car, while Percival stayed in the car. Percival and Mongo quickly fell asleep while Cooter stayed up as look-out. Percival is woken by the sound of something slamming into the front of the car cracking the windshield. It appears to be a really menacing odd looking bear. He shrieks, jumps out of the car and runs for his life. Unfortunately for him the bear could move faster and it quickly catches up to him grabs him and near crushes the life out of him. As Percival is dying Cooter wakes up Mongo who rushes to his friends aid slam-tackling the bear grappling with him. While Mongo is grappling the bear to a standstill Cooter runs up and unloads both barrels into its head killing it. Percival dying and mad with pain orders Mongo to kill him, so Mongo reluctantly snaps Percival’s neck. Mongo and Cooter place Percival’s body in the Kwik-E-Mart’s cooler, wait till morning and drive away sadly mourning their friend.

What the two don’t know is that Percival didn’t stay dead and that he wants revenge. Watch out Mongo. Watch out Cooter. Percival is coming for you!


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